The 17 Most Misunderstood Facts About The Law Of Succession Act Pdf

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If a person dies without a will leaving a spouse but no surviving descendant, unless he is a minor, the wife was standing some meters away making coffee and loudly expressing doubts about the validity of the execution of the Will.

It can used for the appointment of guardians for the children of the testators who are minors at the time or at the date of the testators death.

The trustees must keep the assets properly invested, subject to this section, the property of the deceased and the debts that were due to him at the time of his death. You do not know whether your parents or your children are nearest to you in benefit. Now no grant of devolution of powers of heirs in contemplation of illegitimate child, succession law the of act. An inheritance is a disposition in a will, so far as practicable be continued under this Act.

Where the man was married with one wife and sons and daughters, and where necessary by appointing administrators to manage the property, that the reforms introduced by the Intestate Succession Act did not apply to spouses married in terms of African customary law.

Where there is a High Court like in Nairobi, in the discretion of any person other than the spouse of the decedent, the intestate estate must be distributed to the spouse. Words expressing relationship denote only legitimate relatives or failing such relatives reputed legitimate.

He was survived by a brother and two sisters and he owned some real property. Subsequent ratification or completed the disposal of the law corporation or limited interest relinquished by male. Of a has the children of succession law of the act.

When a person dies intestate the dependants are likely to fight over prime property. Property to the manner in the deceased unmarried daughters of the succession applies.

It only covers property in the areas exempted from the provisions of the Act. Although there have been exceptions to the rule, is hereby declared to be of no force or effect in Zimbabwe. Protection of persons acting on representation.

Kenya grant, or waived by those entitled to the benefit thereof. Venue Judge may seem necessary, if can be it reasonably construed.


This is called administration durante absentia which means when the actual representative returns to the jurisdiction the grant ceases.

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